Building Facilities


IPPL is hosted in a new state of the art 2500 square meters building, addressing the new engineering design needs for hosting sub femtosecond lasers and relevant applications.

Special care has been taken for antivibrational laboratory floor, completely isolated by the side walls and the rest of the building structure.

Electro-mechanichal devices ensure stable temperature and humidity conditions throughout the year, as well high indoor pressure for the achievement of dust free environment.

The new building  infractructure includes autonomous support facilities for the Academic and Administration personnel, like Conference room, Meeting room, Library, Accommodate office stations (35), Restaurant.

IPPL is located in a magnificent area to the center of the Crete Island at the city of Rethymnon, viewing the deep blue Aegean sea.

As a part of the HELLAS-CH research infrastructure, IPPL offers experimental time to research groups from Greece and abroad.