National & International Research Collaborations
London, UK
Plasma Physics Group
Chilton, Oxfordshire, UK
Central Laser Facility
Belfast, UK
Centre for Plasma Physics
Hamburg, Germany
Photon Science HASYLAB
Bordeaux, France
Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications
Pisa, Italy
Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory
Madrid, Spain
Institute for Nuclear Fusion
San Diego, USA
High Energy Density Physics Group
Prague, Czech Republic
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Salamanca, Spain
Centro de Laseres Pulsados
Palaiseau, France
LULI: Laboratoire pour l'Utilisation des Lasers Intenses
Chania, Hellas
School of Production Engineering and Management
Ioannina, Hellas
Laboratory of Atomic and Molecular Physics & Centre of Laser Applications
Athens, Hellas
Laboratory of Laser Development and Applications
Athens, Hellas
School of Sciences Astrophysics, Astronomy & Mechanics
Foundation for Research & Technology Heraklion, Hellas
Laser Interactions & Photonics Division
Patras, Hellas
Laboratory of Materials Photonics, Stractures & Applications
Xanthi, Hellas
Laboratory of Electromagnetism and Space
Athens, Hellas
Institute of Nuclear Science and Radioactivity Protection
Athens, Hellas
Laboratory of Photonics & Laboratory of Phasmatoscopic Applications
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 IPPL is one of the access points of the National Research Infrastructure “ELI - LASERLAB Europe Synergy, HiPER &” (HELLAS-CH)

and the leader of the “Fundamental Science Program ” of the ESFRI research infrastructure HiPER.


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