Research Fields

Laser Matter Interactions
  • Interaction of ultra short, high intensity, laser pulses with matter
  • Ultrahigh magnetic field generation experiments
  • Coherent X-ray sources – high harmonics and attosecond pulses generated by Carrier Envelope Phase stablized kHz laser pulses
  • Ultrafast laser generated GHz and THz ultrasounds and imaging
  • Laser particle acceleration and generation of secondary sources
Fundamental HiPER Related Science
  • Laser target diagnostics
  • Laser probing plasma diagnostics
  • Electron and ion transport studies
  • Electron – proton & neutron acceleration
Laser Plasma & Material Diagnostics
  • Solid – gas target combination
  • Dynamic ESPI and holographic interferometry
  • Laser ultrasonic imaging
Pulsed Power Generated Plasmas & Applications
  • X-Pinch devices 
  • Z-Pinch devices 
  • Plasma Focus devices 
Numerical Modeling & Simulations
  • FEM modeling of laser matter interactions
  • HD/MHD/CFD modeling of plasmas
  • Z-Pinch and X-Pinch modeling FEM – MHD
  • PIC simulations of laser plasma interactions

 IPPL is one of the access points of the National Research Infrastructure “ELI - LASERLAB Europe Synergy, HiPER &” (HELLAS-CH)

and the leader of the “Fundamental Science Program ” of the ESFRI research infrastructure HiPER.


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