IPPL provides education in the scientific fields of laser matter/plasma interactions and related applications


Under-Graduate Education

IPPL provides seminars, diploma thesis and practical experience in under-graduate students attending the science and technology departments of Hellenic Mediterranean University and other collaborating Universities and Institutes.

MSc Post-Graduate Studies
IPPL coordinates LAPLA Postgraduate Masters Program from October 2018.


IPPL coordinated until 2018 the PLAPA Postgraduate Masters Program, co-founded by the EU Program Curriculum Development in partnership with:

  1. Imperial College London, UK

  2. Technical University Madrid, ES

  3. University of Bordeaux – Science & Technology, FR

  4. Queen’s University of Belfast, UK

  5. Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires INSTN, FR

  6. Czech Technical University Prague, CZ

  7. University of Milano – Bicocca, IT

The main objective of the two years training program was to prepare high quality scientists & engineers in the field of laser produced plasmas, laser physics and laser fusion. Courses focus at professional training for plasma research in the academic or the private sector: plasma industry, optoelectronics, microelectronics, material processing, fusion engineering and relevant leading edge laser innovations.

Detailed information about the structure of the Curriculum and the provided Courses can be found on the MSc website:

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Candidates in the Plasma Physics & Applications MSc Program

  • Kamilaki Marina

  • Karazepounis Dimitrios

  • Skoulakis Alexandros

  • Baroutsos Andreas

  • Mouziouras Aimilios

  • Vlachos Christos

Past MSc Recipients

  • Petrakis Stylianos (2013 registered in University of Crete, Micro-Optoelectronics MSc program). Thesis entitled: Study of the High Harmonic Generation in Xe-gas through control of the polarization of two time-delayed femtosecond laser pulses

  • Skarvelakis Emmanouil (2015 registered in Technical University of Crete, Production Engineering MSc program). Thesis entitled: Investigation of the thermomechanical behavior of metallic samples with defects irradiated by laser pulses using finite element method simulations

  • Mancelli Donaldi (2017) PLAPA MSc program

  • Andrianaki Georgia (2017) PLAPA MSc program. Thesis entitled: Experimental and Simulation study of laser induced ion acceleration

  • Stelios Passalidis (2018) PLAPA MSc program. Thesis entitled: Hydrodynamic simulations of collisional shockwaves in gas targets for improved ion acceleration

  • Tasos Grigoriadis (2018) PLAPA MSc program. Thesis entitled: Study of laser produced plasma during the interaction of 40 TW ultra-short laser pulses with solid and gas targets

  • Ioannis Fitilis (2018) PLAPA MSc program. Thesis entitled: Plasma Dynamics in Single Wire Z-pinch Under Moderate Electrical Explosion

  • Ioannis Tazes (2019) PLAPA MSc program. Thesis entitled: Experimental and numerical study of laser induced particle acceleration from solid targets

  • Nikos Ligopsihakis (2019) PLAPA MSc program. Thesis entitled: Study of X-pinch plasma dynamics using a 40kA pulsed powered device

  • Filippos Mastoris (2020) PLAPA MSc program. Thesis entitled: Characterisation of Neutral Gas Jet Nozzles


PhD Post-Graduate Studies

IPPL is hosting PhD candidates under certain agreements of collaboration with National and International Universities and provides certain number of PhD scholarships under EU and National research Grants. 


PhD Candidates

  • Koundourakis George (in collaboration with University of Athens)

  • Petrakis Stylianos (in collaboration with University of Ioannina)

  • Andrianaki Georgia (in collaboration with Technical University of Crete)

  • Anastasios Grigoriadis (in collaboration with University of Ioannina)

Past PhD Recipients


 IPPL is one of the access points of the National Research Infrastructure “ELI - LASERLAB Europe Synergy, HiPER &” (HELLAS-CH)

and the leader of the “Fundamental Science Program ” of the ESFRI research infrastructure HiPER.


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