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Michael Tatarakis is a Professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) with specialization in plasma physics, high power laser matter/plasma interactions and applications as well as in high current magnetically confined pulsed power plasma studies. He is the Director of the Institute of Plasma Physics & Lasers (IPPL,) www.ippl.hmu.gr , a statutory research institute of the Hellenic Mediterranean University research centre. IPPL is one of the access points of the National Research Infrastructure “ELI - LASERLAB Europe Synergy, HiPER & IPERION-CH.gr” (HELLAS-CH) and the leader of the “Fundamental Science Programme” of the ESFRI research infrastructure HiPER.

Michael Tatarakis received his PhD in 1997 from the Physics Department of Imperial College London and since then he has occupied several research positions at Imperial College London, at the Technical University of Crete at the TEI of Crete and at the HMU. He also holds a honorary visiting professorship at the Department of Physics of Imperial College London.

His research interests cover a wide range of basic and applied physics and applications. Basic physics: Plasma physics, seeding mechanisms of plasma instabilities, laser- matter interactions, pulsed power magnetically confined plasmas, inertial fusion energy, material properties using non-destructive methods, study of the plasma dynamics produced by the interaction of high power laser pulses with matter, acceleration of ion and electron beams generated by high intensity laser matter interactions, acceleration of charged particle beams generated by pulsed power plasma devices, study of the ultra-high magnetic field generation by laser matter interactions and its influence on ions and electrons acceleration, study of the propagation of relativistic particle beams (electrons, ions, neutrons) in hot and dense plasmas, study of secondary plasma radiation sources produced by lasers and by pulsed power plasma devices (Z-pinch, X-pinch, Plasma Focus). Applied Physics: Acceleration of particles to ultra-high speeds using EM laser pulses, Plasma Imaging, Imaging and study of microstructures and nanostructures in materials using lasers, magnetic applications of plasmas and materials, study of the thermo-elastic nano-acoustic material properties. Technological applications: Materials diagnosis using nuclear spectroscopy of neutrons produced by pulsed power plasma devices (plasma focus), high spatial resolution X-ray radiography of materials and biological systems, characterization/profilometry of ultrathin films using laser generated nano-acoustic waves, pulsed power optoelectronic devices.

He is an active researcher publishing in peer review journals of high impact factors, and he is an Editor and invited referee for many peer review journals (including journals of the American Physical Society, the American Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physics). His h-index is 40 according to Scopus (http://www.scopus.com) or 43 according to Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.gr). He has more than 200 publications in peer review journals, conference proceedings and contributions, among them more than 130 published in peer review journals, which have received more than 6300 citations (source: Scopus – excluding self-citations of author). His publications include one publication in Nature, one in Nature Physics, one in Nature Communications and 22 publications in Physical Review Letters. Michael Tatarakis is Topical Editor of the journal High Power Laser Science and Engineering and reviewer in top journals such as Physical Review Letters, Scientific Reports, Applied Physics B, Optics & Laser Technology, Journal of Fusion Energy, Nuclear Fusion, Plasma Physics & Controlled Fusion, Physics of Plasmas, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics and others.

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