Dr. Nektarios Papadogiannis

Vice rector of Hellenic Mediterranean University



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Professor Nektarios Papadogiannis received his 4-year Bachelor's Degree (BSc Hons) in Physics in 1990 and his MSc Degree in Atomic and Molecular Physics in 1992 both from the Department of Physics of the University of Crete, Greece. In 1996 he was awarded a Ph.D. degree (thesis title: "Interaction of ultrashort intense laser pulses with metallic surfaces") from the Department of Physics of the University of Crete. The research was carried out in the University of Crete in cooperation with IESL-FORTH, Crete, Greece and University Bernard Lyon I, Lyon, France.

As a Post-Doc he had worked in several leading EU-laser-laboratories like Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics München, Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée Paris, having his base at FoRTH-IESL Heraklion. In 2000 he was elected lecturer in Faculty of Engineering at Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and in 2001 he was elected Senior Scientist (B grade) at Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FoRTH). He is currently a full Professor of Physics and Vice-Rector of the Hellenic Mediterranean University and Research Director at the Institute of  Plasma Physics and Lasers.

His scientific interests are in the fields of Laser Matter Interactions: Ultrafast femtosecond and attosecond laser pulses science and technology, High harmonic generation from gases surfaces and plasmas, Laser plasma physics, Laser acoustics and nanoacoustics, Nonlinear multiphoton tunnel and field ionization of atoms, Materials and plasmas laser characterization.

He has published more than 70 publications in international peer review journals among them many in high impact journals like Nature, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters etc. and he has received more than 1800 citations having an h-index=19 (Scopus) or h-index=20 (Google Scholar). He was coordinator or Senior Scientist in numerous EU or nationally funded / co-funded research projects in the field of the proposal. Among them it is worthy to note the Programme of EU Research Roadmap HiPER (High Power Energy Research) where he was member of the team of proposers and member of the general assembly. He was invited to give talks in many international conferences and meetings in the field of the proposal and his research work was highlighted in many research-news periodicals like Nature News and Views, Physics News of the American Institute of Physics, Physics World, Laser Focus World, Photonics Spectra, LaserOpto etc. Prof. Papadogiannis, together with Prof. Tatarakis, were awarded the First National Prize for the year 2012 in Physical Sciences “for research into laser-driven hydrogen fusion towards the production of clean energy”. The prize was awarded in the framework of the action of Excellence in Higher Education Institutes, and after a selection process by the National Council for Research and Technology.

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