Scientific Objectives

  • To produce and characterize hot dense magnetized plasmas and laser produced plasmas

  • To develop an innovative X-pinch and plasma focus devices for X-ray, EUV and particle production (Marie Curie DAIX)

  • To investigate and characterize the electron, ion and neutron emission processes from pinch devices (Marie Curie DAIX) ,
    laser-matter and laser-plasma interactions using various diagnostic techniques

  • To apply these devices for micro-lithography, micro-machining, modification and deposition of thin films (Marie Curie DAIX)

  • To perform HiPER related research (

  • To generate and characterize sources of coherent soft and hard X-ray sources femtosecond and attosecond pulses for material and
    plasma diagnosis

  • To accelerate particles (electrons and protons) for dense plasma diagnosis and cancer therapy applications

  • To generate ultra-high frequency laser based ultrasounds for material and plasma characterization

  • To develop ultrafast optical probing techniques for matter and plasma characterization

  • To train a large pool of under- and post- graduate students, researchers, on pinch devices, high-power laser and associated
    pulsed technology